From Autumn to Ashes, The Bled, and The Getaway Plan – ‘Masters of Hardcore’ Australian Tour – November 2006

illRockstar Touring, Atticus Clothing and Kill Your Stereo rally the troops to announce one of the biggest touring hardcore shows of the summer. After a sensational string of sold out shows across the united states, New York City hardcore legends From Autumn To Ashes make their long awaited return to Australian shores alongside Vagrant Records label-mates The Bled. While FATA have previously set Australian stages ablaze with a sold out 2004 tour, The Bled prepare for their virgin assault- a tour long demanded by fevered Australian fans. This inspired pairing of red-hot hardcore talent have recently laid waste to the summer long US Vans Warper Tour leaving legions of converted fans in their wake. Similarly with guest appearances with Taste Of Chaos and the European festival circuit- these are two bands not to miss! Rounding off this travelling sideshow are Australian superstars on the rise- The Getaway Plan*!

Now that it’s trendy to combine grinding metallic guitars and hardcore rhythms with heart-on-sleeve vocals and hum-along melodies, dozens of bands are writing predictable songs that alter ingredient levels slightly in what feels like a search for the perfect recipe. By contrast New York’s From Autumn to Ashes shred and burn the recipe book altogether. With their most recent release Abandon Your Friends, this is truly evident- the album espouses a brutal showcase of rage, fuelled by serrated vocals. Filled with bulldozer guitar rhythm and ominous minor-key guitar licks, From Autumn To Ashes appeal is boundless and indefinable- simply put they feel as at home on the Vans Warped tour as they do playing alongside the likes of Killswitch Engage and Lamb Of God.

Bands usually seek to do one of two things: define their genre, or defy their genre. However, since bursting out of Tucson, AZ in 2001 with their unique mix of hardcore brutality and an eclectic musical palette, The Bled have achieved both. Taking cues from their peers in the burgeoning hardcore scene of the time (bands such as The Refused and Dillinger Escape Plan) The Bled quickly became one of a handful of bands who set the standard for the genre. With the release of the ‘Found in the Flood’ the bands second full-length and first for Vagrant Records, The Bled have set themselves apart from the hordes of bands joining the hardcore fray, in the process forging their own place in the musical spectrum. 

The Getaway Plan are leading the way for the new generation of bands in the Australian music scene. Since forming in November 2004, The Getaway Plan have forged a reputation as one of the most exciting bands in the country. From seamless melodies to razor sharp screams, and with irresistible pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure, it is a case of At The Drive-In meets Jeff Buckley meets Underoath. The eclectic nature of the bands repertoire ensures that they escape being restricted by labelling and pigeonholing, and are truly a band that must be heard to fully understand. It is The Getaway Plans time to take over!

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