Insane Clown Posse ‘Psychopathic Records’ Australian Tour 2013 with Boondox & Big Hoodoo


Send in the clowns! KillRockStar BigDog Entertainment call out for Australian Juggalos to gather en mass for the one and only Insane Clown Posse on their first Australian tour in over a decade!! The lords of the Dark Carnival bring their psychotic live show, a butt-load of Faygo and a cast of very special international and local guests downunder for the Psychopathic Records 2013 Australian tour!

ICP have sold over 11 million albums worldwide and in the process exposed millions to the way of the Dark Carnival. Without commercial radio or the support of video play Violent J and and Shaggy 2 Dope have connected deeply with a passionate global fan base that hangs on their every word. Juggalos (ICP’s loyal fan base) are a worldwide movement, gathering each year for the infamous Gathering of The Juggalos in the United States.

The band’s latest album, ‘The Mighty Death Pop!’ is the 12th studio album to be released by the wicked clowns. Deputing at #4 on the US Billboard charts it is the groups second album since the conclusion of the group’s original “Joker’s Cards” series. The titular character The Mighty Death Pop!, is the second in a set of six new Joker’s Cards.

Australian Juggalos this is your rare opportunity to see the world’s most hated band live on soda pop drenched stages across the country. Peace and MMFWCL!

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