First Aired:
Episode 1
Augurs of Spring
The pressures of Jack's double life are further complicated when his mysterious new neighbor appears to be leading a double life of his own.
14 June 2018

Episode 2
Ritual of Abduction
Ritual of Abduction
21 June 2018

Episode 3
Ritual of the Rival Tribes
Ritual of the Rival Tribes
28 June 2018

Episode 4
The Sage
Jack's expert witness testimony at a high profile trial thrusts the rocketry team into the spotlight and helps land them a coveted invitation to The Athenaeum. Meanwhile, Virgil drops off Patty, Susan's rebellious teenage sister, for a disruptive weekend stay, and Ernest's wife, Maggie, makes a surprise return. When Jack's evening at The Athenaeum doesn't go as planned, Jack seeks out Ernest to blow off some steam and ends up on a dark detour into the Los Angeles underbelly.
05 July 2018

Episode 5
Dance of the Earth
The team finalizes their prototype but, in a role reversal, Richard has confidence in the design while Jack doubts it will work. Jack leaves the team to test fire without him as he and Susan accept Ernest and Maggie's invitation to go camping in Joshua Tree. While Susan gets better acquainted with Maggie, Ernest uses a mind-bending elixir to teach Jack about the power of Thelema.
12 July 2018