First Aired:
Episode 1
Weird Science
Erica is off to college while Barry is in search of a new girlfriend.
27 September 2017

Episode 2
Hogan Is My Grandfather
Adam's school project about pops backfires while Beverly teaches an important lesson to Erica and Barry.
04 October 2017

Episode 3
Goldberg On The Goldbergs
Beverly confronts Coach Mellor who reveals his strained relationship with his brother then Adam and Barry join in after a fight breaks out. Beverly sees that this could be Adam and Barry as adults. Meanwhile, Geoff and Erica struggle with their relationship being long distance.
11 October 2017

Episode 4
Revenge O' The Nerds
Beverly tries to reinvent herself in more than one way, while Erica asks for Adam's help at college.
18 October 2017

Episode 5
Jackie Likes Star Trek
Murray's lesson to Adam backfires after a disagreement over Halloween costumes causes problems for Adam and Jackie.
25 October 2017

Episode 6
Girl Talk
Adam and Marvin help Murray as the store faces competition, while Beverly assists Barry as he courts a girl at school.
01 November 2017

Episode 7
A Wall Street Thanksgiving
Uncle Marvin returns with a proposition for the family, while Beverly's plans for Thanksgiving dinner goes awry.
15 November 2017

Episode 8
The Circle Of Driving Again
Murray teaches Adam to drive, while Erica needs help with her social life at school.
29 November 2017

Episode 9
Parents Just Don't Understand
A song written by Adam and Barry doesn't get the accolades they hoped for, while Erica needs distance from Beverly.
06 December 2017

Episode 10
We Didn't Start the Fire
The battle for the best Hanukkah party begins.
13 December 2017

Episode 11
The Goldberg Girls
Beverly creates her own mom group, while Erica reaches a breaking point with Geoff.
03 January 2018

Episode 12
Dinner With The Goldbergs
Geoff joins the family out for Erica's birthday dinner.
10 January 2018

Episode 13
The Hooters
Adam's actions almost injure his woodshop teacher, while Beverly and Geoff want to be cultured like Erica.
17 January 2018

Episode 14
Hail Barry
Barry joins the football team but is quickly benched by Coach Mellor due to his lack of playing ability. He convinces himself the coach is testing him; but when Barry realizes the truth of his playing ability, Adam helps his brother understand there are other ways he can contribute to the team and comes up with their own version of the Super Bowl Shuffle. Meanwhile, Beverly designs jackets that she tries to get Murray and Erica to sell when a national TV channel won't.
28 February 2018

Episode 15
Adam Spielberg
Adam loves director Steven Spielberg so much and decides to film an original script he wrote about Indiana Jones and his passion for directing is called into question. Meanwhile, Murray and Barry make a bet about whether or not a cheesesteak sandwich in New Jersey is the best one ever.
28 February 2018

Episode 16
The Scrunchie Rule
The Scrunchie Rule
21 March 2018

Episode 17
28 March 2018

Episode 18
MTV Spring Break
Hoping to get the true spring break experience, Erica and Barry visit Pops in Florida, yet it's nothing how they expected. Meanwhile, Adam tells the truth to Beverly and Murray but then gets a surprising reaction
04 April 2018

Episode 19
Flashy Little Flashdancer
Flashy Little Flashdancer
11 April 2018

Episode 20
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
02 May 2018

Episode 21
09 May 2018

Episode 22
Let's Val Kilmer This Car
When Lainey moves back to town, Barry asks her to the prom; Erica tells Murray she has made a final decision about her future in college.
16 May 2018

Episode 1
Sixteen Candles
It's Adam's 16th birthday, but his parents are too distracted by Barry and Lainey's engagement and Erica's band ambitions to remember their youngest son's big day. But the situation presents an opportunity for Adam to ask Erica to put him on the high school social map. Meanwhile, Beverly thinks she can scare Barry and Lainey straight with the reality of being adults.
26 September 2018

Episode 2
You Got Zuko'd
Adam's girlfriend, Jackie, is back after spending her summer at NYU; she has changed so much, it's almost like she's a whole different person. After receiving some not-so-great romantic advice from his loved ones, Adam takes drastic measures to hold on to his relationship. Meanwhile, Beverly is not happy with Lainey's less-than-ideal domestic skills and decides to teach her future daughter-in-law a thing or two.
03 October 2018

Episode 3
Erica's dreams come true when she lands a job at the new karaoke bar in town; Erica turns to Beverly for help bringing in more customers; Murray tries to teach Barry and Lainey how to be financially responsible adults.
10 October 2018